Virtual Program for the North American Culture Areas Program or the Michigan Program

My programs are designed to be a virtual field trip where we will communicate through Zoom.  They are intended for an entire grade level.  I will present to each class individually instead of giving a grade wide assembly.  This small group format allows my question-and-answer sessions that follow each video to work well, so I do not combine classes.  This also gives a more personal approach so I can converse, answer questions, give brief demonstrations and interact with the students.

The Videos

For both programs I give a dynamic, high energy presentation that lasts about 45 minutes which will be divided into three videos.  Each video will be followed by a question-and-answer session.  The content follows the curriculum for each grade level.  I can send you more detailed information on each program if requested.  

Virtual Classroom

My virtual classroom has all the items from the videos plus many more items I could not fit in the videos in addition to newly purchased old artifacts.  They are all at my fingertips so I can use them to hold up or give a brief demonstration during the Q&A sessions.  I share it all with you using two HD cameras.  One is a close-up camera and the other a wide view so students can see as much as possible or get a close-up view of a demonstration.  I also have hundreds and hundreds of pictures on my computer of me doing things like making a birchbark canoe or growing my Three Sisters Garden I can share to help with the students visualization and understanding of the subject when they ask questions.

I offer the two programs virtually listed below. 

North American Culture Areas (Regions) Program

This program introduces and explains the culture areas or regions of North America the students are learning about.  It shows how the Native People lived within their environment and developed from the resouces available to them.  Examples from many different culture areas are represented.  This program follows the Michigan fifth grade social studies curriculum and is suitable for students in fourth grade or above.

Michigan Program

This program specifically covers the indigenous people who lived in Michigan.  It briefly includes the Ancient cultures of Michigan as well as the Europeans that came here, however, the focus is on the Tribes of the Three Fires.  It also explores Michigan resources and how they were used.  This program is intended to follow the Michigan social studies curriculum for third grade.  It is suitable for both third and fourth grade students.

I keep my programs very affordable, especially compared to expensive offsite field trips.  For pricing or other information please email or call 248-303-5405 and ask for Gary.

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