In Person Field Trip ~ "Traveling Museum"

My programs are designed to be an "in-school" field trip intended for an entire grade level.  They are unique in that it is a "hands-on" experience and that I will present to each class individually instead of giving a grade wide assembly.  This small group format allows my "hands-on" time to work so I do not combine classes.  This also gives a more personal approach so I can converse, answer questions, and interact with the students one on one.

I offer my programs (listed below) in three formats, Standard, Extended and Long.  The Standard format is one hour for each class in your grade level.  The Extended format is one hour and twenty minutes per class, and the Long format is one and a half hours per class.

For both programs and all formats, I give a dynamic, high energy and interactive presentation that lasts about 45 minutes.  That is followed by a 15 minute "hands-on" segment to let the students feel all of the natural resources and try on the hand made items.  

The Extended format adds an exciting games segment where I bring in three traditional Native American games for the students to play.  The kids love them.

The Long format adds the games segment (above) in addition to a trap and fire bow demonstration, both big hits with the teachers and students.

Virtual Program for the North American Culture Areas Program or the Michigan Program

This year I am offering both my Michigan and North American Culture areas Programs Virtually.  Both the Extended and Long formats have been discontinued.  Each class will get a one-hour and ten minute program.  I have tried to keep my Virtual program as close to my in person visits as possible.  Each class will still get a dynamic and high energy presentation that will last about 45 minutes.  I broke up North American Culture areas presentation into 3 short videos and my Michigan presentation into 2 videos.  The display for both programs were greatly expanded from what I could normally bring to your schools.  I will introduce myself and my program live, then play each video for that grade level.  We will have question and answer sessions after each video.  I use Zoom as our platform to communicate, and will send you a link to my meetings.  You will need to just click the link to join.

North American Culture Areas (Regions) Program

This program introduces and explains the culture areas or regions of North America the students are learning about.  It shows how the Native People lived within their environment and developed from the resouces available to them.  Examples from many different culture areas are represented.  This program follows the Michigan fifth grade social studies curriculum and is suitable for students in fourth grade or above.

Michigan Program

This program specifically covers the Native people who lived in Michigan.  It briefly includes the Ancient cultures of Michigan as well as the Europeans that came here, however, the focus is on the Tribes of the Three Fires.  It also explores Michigan resources and how they were used.  This program is intended to follow the Michigan social studies curriculum for third grade.  It is suitable for both third and fourth grade students.

For pricing or other information please email or call 248-303-5405 and ask for Gary.

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