Native American Experience offers virtual learning programs to elementary school students studying the indigenous people of North America where we will communicate through Zoom.  My programs align with the Michigan common core standards and have been designed to support your curriculum and enhance your student's education.  The goal of my experience is to bring to life the curriculum and inspire your students through sharing the same materials and items the indigenous people of North America used.  I have two programs, my North American Cultures Areas program typically seen by 5th graders, and my Michigan program usually seen by 3rd graders.

My programs are somewhat unique as I meet with each class in your grade level individually for one hour and fifteen minutes.  I begin with a live introduction on Zoom where I will share several artifacts, many hundreds of years old, to really grab the student's attention.  Following the introduction, I will play three short, professional grade videos that are packed with information and wonderful visuals.  After each video I will engage the students with a questions and answer session where I try to get every student involved and excited to learn more.

Please visit my "Programs & Formats" page to get more specific information. 

I have been presenting to students both in person and through Zoom since 2008 and have worked in well over 60 districts in southeast Michigan.  I am known for my passion, enthusiasm, and the innate ability to work with and inspire students. 

This has been my passion since I was very young.  My knowledge has been accumulated throughout a lifetime of learning, research, and education, as well as living the experience to better understand how the indigenous people lived.  I learn from a variety of sources and don't just read how something was done, but I do it myself.  Most of the items displayed have been personally hand-made using traditional tools and techniques and are modeled after actual artifacts.  In addition, I display over 130 old artifacts and vintage items to reinforce the items I hand make.  Your students will benefit from the knowledge I have accumulated since I was a young boy and add to year after year.  

 My display both on the videos and in my virtual classroom will have many of the materials gathered in nature the indigenous people used.  This includes furs, leather, rawhide, bones, tendons (sinew), hooves, antlers, horns, shells, plant fibers, roots, elm bark, birch bark, cedar bark, flint, obsidian and much more.  My display includes hundreds and hundreds of my handmade authentic reproductions of artifacts, age old artifacts and vintage items, as well as a large collection of European trade goods.  This allows me to -

"Bring the Museum to You"  
without you having to leave your classroom.

My unique, fun, and educational programs will be an unforgettable memory and give your students a new appreciation and understanding of the indigenous people of North America.  I continually hear from teachers the students talk about the experience for days and days after my visit and are often inspired to read more on the subject and even try to make items themselves.


Please refer to my "Pictures" page to get an idea of a few of the items I will share and a few pictures of me in action. 

I also encourage you to visit my "Testimonials" page and see what some of your colleagues thought of my programs.

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